Like Father Like Daughter

Brianna and Brian Clutterbuck (that's me) were photographed at a family gathering by Jason Meens, who is my nephew. Jason lives in Belleville and is the editor of the Rednersville Loyalist and proprietor of the Rednersville Country Store, which has been reopened to offer antiques and collectibles.

I'm an avid collector of antiques, as well, but my business is Clutterbuck Construction, which specializes in heritage buildings and authentic restorations. I hope to spend more time on my art, too, maybe when I'm retired. When I say my art, that's not just bull, it's water buffalo, too!

These days, though, most of the artwork in our household is done by my wife, Shelly Gifford, when she's not busy being a mother to Brianna and our boy Jeremy.